House of BlueBelle

Our Story

I have always believed in ‘Setting the Mood’, quality over quantity and have forever been passionate about everything fragrant. My passion continued and House of BlueBelle was born in the November of 2014. Since then, we’ve won awards, been featured in a book, have numerous stockists here in the United Kingdom and in Europe, supplied TV shows, have so many amazing customers and have been to countless events, some small and some scarily large…but we all have to step outside our comfort zone at times!

Perfection and quality of work has always been in me, from my working days of life in London as a Private PA, where you just didn’t come to work with less than 1000% to give. This has ultimately filtered down into my whole life, it’s ingrained in me and it is in my blood. The aim of House of BlueBelle has always been to bring luxury and beautiful products to the market, that look good, are priced well, tick my environmental boxes and ultimately do the job that they are meant to do and to do it very well!

We are a small team here, but a strong one – House of BlueBelle is not one person and I couldn’t achieve what I need to, without the constant (and tiring for them all!) support from my amazing team that surrounds me. Nothing has changed since day one and we are proud to produce all of our products in a traditional way, in small batches, hand poured, labelled, wrapped and boxed with us in house – where quality and attention to detail can be controlled.

We work with manufacturers and suppliers here in the United Kingdom, many are family businesses, right from our fragrance blends right down to our labelling and ribbons – this all ensures a consistent level of quality. As a company, we do take our Environmental Footprint seriously, which you can read more about here.

In my free time, I am kept hugely busy juggling life with my two boys Sam and Harry and my three dogs Luna, Molly and Dash. My notebook and pen (or the notes section on my phone) are never far away and there’s always something that I want to test, try or do.

The core values of House of BlueBelle haven’t changed from day one and are simply; one team, one standard…exceptional. This sits firmly at the heart of this British boutique company that I am so proud of.

About 1

A little on why I am so passionate about the power of Scent and Fragrance

Just as smell is vital to our survival and can also alert us to danger too, it is also closely linked to parts of the brain that process memory and emotions and these can provoke some very strong emotional reactions. Our olfactory receptors are directly connected to the limbic system, the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion – those with full olfactory function may also be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories, this is just incredible and has always absolutely fascinated me and is the biggest reason why I have curated the range of blends as I have. I am beyond crazy passionate and believe that there is a place for every fragrance and for every situation, but I also believe that fragrance has a job to do and it must do that job well too.

I continually discuss this with my customers when out at events, I move blends around for what I need them to do and how I would like to feel. I have staples in my life and home, which is why one of our first products was the Travel Tin Candle as I always like to travel with my blends – to make me feel comfortable. In my home Seashore and Wild Lime play largely with a house full of boys and dogs ~ these work amazingly well in a Bathroom, Utility or Boot Room or the Boys Bedrooms as a Reed Diffuser for your constant fragrance and to keep those rooms fresh, but cook a roast dinner and burn these blends in Candles and they will help to freshen and neutralize the air. I will burn Lavender Row or Meadows when I need to relax my senses, my hallway houses Peony Reed Diffusers and my ultimate relaxing blends to burn to relax to in the evening are the deeper and darker blends of Cuban, Rhodes and Fireside, for me Fresh Fig is a staple in my Kitchen and if I have to concentrate then Gin and Tonic or Lemon Grove totally uplifts me.

We really hope that you do enjoy your House of BlueBelle products as much as we have enjoyed creating and making them.

Sarah xx