Room Diffuser Care

Treat your Room Diffuser with care and love by following a few simple instructions and safety precautions. This will ensure that you get the very best from your Room Diffuser.

Your Diffuser will last anything from 3-4 months and in some cases even longer. Many factors effect the longevity of the Wicks and Fragrance – such as heat and humidity.

When your Room Diffuser has finished, you can wash the diffuser jar out in hot soapy water and re-use, the Wicks cannot be used again. If you wish too, you can re-use your Diffuser Jar and purchase a Diffuser Refill and a new set of Wicks.

Room Diffuser Base – Our Room Diffusers are made with a base that has zero alcohol, has a low evaporation rate, excellent solubilising power that also doesn’t carry the metallic base odour that is sometimes associated with Room Diffusers. From a renewable source, evaporates fully, non-toxic to humans and the environment along with also enhancing the fragrance.

Diffuser Safety – The oils made in the Room Diffuser are not fit for human consumption, your Diffuser must be kept out of reach of children and pets. Those that suffer from perfume sensitivity should use caution when using this product. Use gloves when handling the Diffuser Wicks once they have fully absorbed the perfumed liquid. Always place your Room Diffuser on a coaster to protect the most delicate of surfaces.

Diffuser Care – Room Diffusers work best with air flowing around them, this enables the Wicks to push the fragrance around a room. The best place for your Room Diffuser is in the middle of a room on a coffee table or unit. The warmer your room is, you will notice the fragrance even more – Room Diffusers do like warmth.

Diffuser Wicks – These Wicks are designed and engineered not to clog, with no need to flip to refresh the fragrance. However, if you do wish to flip the Wicks, please follow the above safety advice. The Diffuser Wicks has a porous structure that provides a controlled and reliable rate of fragrance release. They also provide fragrance diffusion along the entire length of the Wick.

Aroma Level – Adjusting the aroma level is simply a case of using the amount of Diffuser Wicks needed for your chosen room. For use in a small room, one or two Diffuser Wicks will provide a slight hint of aroma. One or two Wicks would also be sufficient for those that suffer from permanent sensitivity to Fragrances.

Room Diffusers and Candles do work very well together – use your Room Diffuser to create the permanent gentle aroma, then light your fragranced candle and give the fragrance a boost.