Environmental Statement

As a company we wanted to be seen differently and to make a change and one way was by going massively against the grain and packaging our products in plain and unbranded boxes. We were incredibly worried about being seen as being ‘boring’ as everyone seemed to be having their packaging branded, so we decided to add accents of colour in the way of ribbons and tags. We still very much stand by our decision and are proud of that fact.

Our boxes are made in the United Kingdom and our paper comes from a British Paper Mill.  This gives our customers a box that they can re-use for another gift and the boxes will smell amazing from all of the fragrance too!

Our boxes are overlaid with a cellulose acetate which is biodegradable. Generally it is completely destroyed in soil in less than one year. We only overlay them to protect our white boxes from dirt damage.

Our Candle Boxes can be used for a variety of other gifts and our Room Diffuser boxes make lovely small wine or small champagne boxes too.